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Camping can be one of the most enjoyable experiences for you and your family, but one thing that can make your experience not so enjoyable is the lack of sleep. I am a light sleeper and can be awoken by any movement of the camper. I also found it irritating that I couldn't enter or exit the camper without the camper moving. This is what started my idea of inventing a type of stabilizer to diminish the amount of rocking motion that is experienced.

I built a prototype of the stabilizer that I had in mind, and when I tried it out on my fifth wheel I was in total amazement by how well it actually worked. I was hoping that the movement would be improved, but I did not expect it to improve as much as it did. This is where the name "The Rock" came to mind, because it made the fifth wheel as solid as a rock.

The best thing about "The Rock" is that it can be used/altered for any RV camper i.e. pop-up, fifth wheel, travel trailer, or motor home.

The product is currently patent pending

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